domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

Electric blue

This is the outfit I chose to wear yesterday night. The combination of colors between the bag, the jacket and the necklace couldn't be better!
The biker is from Mango(SS13)the necklace(SS13) and bag from Zara. Xxx

Btw! This is the first post I publish from my iPhone,hehe!

martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012


 After being craving the Iphone for months,it's finally mine!  I love Instagram, and I can finally use it! Hope you guys like the pics, and... follow me! @gdlveronica

1.Motivation/2.September 25th and already wearing three layers of clothes/3.Boringness/4.The love of my live Josh Hartnett

1.Portland sweatshirt/2.Living room lights/3.Apple freaks/4.Rainy autumnal day
1.Gnight pic/2.New statement necklace from H&M/3.New pants,different patterns/4.Rainrainrainrain

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012

Tie Dye Jeans

Love this Tie dye jeans! They are from Zara, I bought them a while ago but I haven't used them before, I've been waiting for perfect timing even though you can wear them with the most basic white t-shirt! haha... They were on sale so I paid 12.99€ for them! Crazy huh? I like the fact that it's not as hot as it was before anymore, cause you get the chance to use long jeans and occasionally even sweaters! I wish it stayed like this longer, but soon we'll have to put our jackets on to survive the cold winter!


domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Last week of summer

Summer is coming to an end.. Although summer keeps going until September 21st, I always feel like the Autum is coming once August is over,and there's no better way to end it than going to Ribadesella(North of Spain) to spend some days around family. This trip has been kinda different from the last few years, although it's been great. Here are some pictures of the amazingly beautiful sunsets, the sea, and some views of the country side. I can't love this place any more than I already do. It always brings be such good memories and it just makes me feel really good and relaxed everytime I'm here. Gotta love it... I hope you all had a great summer!!


viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

Early post

Scissors + Paper. These last few nights I'm kinda having trouble sleeping, and somehow I always end up finding something to do that keeps me awake, so today I thought about getting some old magazines(Vogue, Telva, Vanity Fair...) and start cutting! All trimmings will go to a drawer where all this kind of things go, since it's not the first time I do it, and later I'll think about how to use them. I believe these ones will end up in one of the walls of my room. It may seem a bit silly, but it's something that keeps me distracted and its all about cutting out something that inspires you.


lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012


Aquí os dejo lo que ha salido juntando todos los vídeos cortos que hice en Amsterdam durante la semana que estuvimos allí. Ayer encontré un rato libre para hacerlo y.. aquí tenéis el resultado!! Espero que os guste!

Here it is what happened when I gathered all the short videos I recorded in Amsterdam during the week we were there. Yesterday really wasn't a busy day so I decided to do it and.. here is the result! Hope you guys like it!


martes, 17 de julio de 2012

New in: "Cambridge Satchel"

Aquí esta una de mis ultimas adquisiciones! Bueno, en realidad fue un regalo de bienvenida de mi familia,pero al comprarlo por la página web han tardado un mes en enviarlo... El satchel flúor que os enseñé hace unos días era de Stella Rittwagen, pero ese es de Cambridge Satchel y podéis encontrarlo AQUÍ. Me encanta!

Here is one of my last purchases! Well, it's actually a welcome present from my family but since they bought it online, it has taken a month to ship... The neon satchel I showed you guys a couple days ago was from Stella Rittwagen, however this one is from Cambridge Satchel and you guys can find it HERE. I love it!

sábado, 14 de julio de 2012

Phone pics+New hair

 Here are three pictures I took with my phone of my new hair! You can't really see it on the second picture so I'll show you guys a better one soon! I just discolored the ends of my hair(I'm assuming that's how its called).    Doing that is not the best thing for your hair since it's taking away the original color and it damages it a lot! But I really like it and It's not a big deal since its only in the ends, and I can get it cut whenever I get tired of it. What do you guys think? xxx

jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Look of the day : "Neon + Beige"

Este es el outfit que voy a llevar esta noche. Es el cumpleaños de mi amiga Maria (Feliz cumpleaños princesa)  así que las chicas y yo vamos a salir a celebrarlo! Os enseñare mas fotos hoy más tarde si puedo, y si no mañana. Os gusta? Al principio elegí un bolso beige del mismo color que los zapatos,por eso que dicen de que bolso y zapatos tienen que ser del mismo o casi del mismo color. Pero luego me di cuenta de lo bien que quedaría rompiendo un poco los colores con este satchel de Stella Rittwagen en naranja flúor, así que voy a por ello!!


This is the outfit I chose to wear tonight. It's my friend María's Birthday(Happy birthday sweetheart) so the girls and I are gonna go out to celebrate it! Ill show you guys more pictures either later or tomorrow! Do you guys like it? I was gonna wear a beige bag that matched with the shoes, because of what they say that shoes and bag have to match, but then I realized it would look really cool with this Stella Rittwagen neon satchel, so I'll go for it! 


miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

Spotted on the streets#1

Nunca he sido muy fan de los leggins a no ser que la prenda de arriba se llevara por fuera, pero al ver como esta chica en Amsterdam los combinaba con blusa verde militar y zapatillas de deporte,me encantó.

I've never been a big leggins fan, unless the top was on top of them, but right when I saw how this girl chose to wear them with this military shirt and tennis shoes, I loved it!


Picture taken by me